National Phycology Collection of Canada Database

International Code: CANA

Tips for using the database

Text is searched as words starting with ex
J Smith John Smith       Smith, Jane
"J Smith" J Smithson       (not John Smith)
==J Smith J Smith       (not John Smithson)
= field is empty
* field is not empty

Numbers & Dates can be searched using > < ... ex
>50 values greater than 50 (excluding 50)
...50 values up to 50 (including 50)
10...50 values between 10 & 50 (including 10 & 50)

Data fields displayed in the search result are customizable

About the database

Data for more than 150 000 sample lots with ~ 5 million specimens.
Collection of seaweeds: Global, Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific coasts.
Freshwater algae: Global localities, esp. North America and Arctic.
Water quality data is available for selected samples in the collection.
Donations of algae collections are welcome.

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