National Phycology Collection of Canada Database

International Code: CANA

The National Phycology Collection Database contains specimen data from the National Phycology Collection of Canada. The collection has its own international code: CANA. It is part of the National Herbarium of Canada.

Tips for Using the Database
  • > (example: >500; will give all numbers higher than 500)
  • < (example: <500; will give all numbers lower than 500)
  • = (example: =500; will find an exact match)
  • = (example: =; will find all fields with no data)
  • ... (example: 500...1000; will find the range of data between 500 and 1000)
  • * (example: *; will find all the data)
  • @ (example: Canad@; will find all the data with "Canada" and "Canadian", etc.)
  • Written text (example: Canada; will find an exact match for "Canada")

About the Database
Data for more than 150 000 specimens from the National Phycology Collection of Canada are available in this database. It has a good collection of seaweeds from the Canadian Arctic and along both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. The freshwater diatom collection has a strong representation from eastern North America and the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Specimens from around the world can be found in the collection. Water quality parameters are available for selected segments of the collection.

The database permits the user to customize certain views: for search results, the user may select the variables to be displayed in the initial summary table.

The data are in the language in which they were entered.

Donations of algae collections are welcome. Please enquire.

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